Terms and Conditions :

  1. The online Anandabazar Patrika ‘Porlei Puroskar’ (hereinafter referred to as the said program) is being conducted and organized by ABP PVT LTD
  2. Employees and family members of employees of ABP PVT LTD and / or its Group of companies shall not be eligible to participate in the said program.
  3. A multiple choice type question would be printed in the publication “Anandabazar Patrika” and the answer for the same would be hidden in one of the articles published in that day’s paper.
  4. The answers can be sent either through Short Messaging Service or Mobile Application or Microsite.
  5. Answers must be sent in the format as provided with the question.
  6. The questions would be published 6 days a week from Tuesday to Sunday and the correct answers to all the questions asked during the week would be published on Monday except on no issue dates.
  7. Each correct answer sent through Short Messaging Service, Mobile Application or Microsite would fetch 1 (one) point and no points shall be added in the event of wrong answer or answer in the incorrect format.
  8. Multiple attempts for a single question is allowed through different media. However only last attempt for the day, irrespective of response medium will be registered as final response.
  9. SMS lines shall be open from 5:00 AM of the day on which the first question is published till 11:00 PM of that day. Any entry sent beyond the closing time shall not be considered.
  10. No acknowledgement of correctness of attempt shall be sent to the participant of the program.
  11. Standard SMS and data charges shall apply; participants are requested to inquire about the same with their Operators.
  12. ABP PVT LTD shall not be liable and / or responsible in any manner whatsoever due to non – delivery of the SMS and / or failure of data connection.
  13. A participant on accumulation of 30,60,100 and 150 number of points may redeem the points against pre – decided gifts. Points can be accumulated only during the term of the program.
  14. Each gift shall be assigned their respective redemption points and any participant redeeming the accumulated points shall be left with the residue of accumulated points if any.
  15. Points can be redeemed only upon accumulation of a minimum of 30 (thirty) points.
  16. Upon redemption of points the gifts shall be dispatched at the address and in the name as provided by the participant during the registration process during redemption.
  17. The gift would reach the participant after 30 days of sending redemption request.
  18. Gifts are provided by third parties and ABP PVT LTD shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever in respect of the service and / or quality and / or quantity of the gifts being provided by the third parties. Any issues regarding the gifts shall be directly addressed to the third party.
  19. ABP PVT LTD may offer any of its publications and / or literary works as gifts and in such an event any dispute regarding the gift may be addressed to customer support of ABP strictly within 3 (three) days of receipt of the same.
  20. In the event discount vouchers of third party are availed by the participant then the participant must read the terms and conditions of redemption of the discount vouchers before making any purchase against them.
  21. The gifts shall be delivered at the address provided by the participant and ABP PVT LTD shall not be liable in the event the gifts are accepted by any one else at the said address apart from the participant provided the name and address on the parcel is same as provided by the participant. ABP PVT LTD is not liable to check the identity of the person receiving the gifts.
  22. ABP PVT LTD reserves the right to discontinue with the said program at any point of time at their sole discretion.
  23. ABP PVT LTD reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without any prior notice whatsoever.
  24. Accumulation of points cannot be redeemed against cash.
  25. Points cannot be redeemed or clubbed with any other on going offer of ABP PVT LTD.
  26. Accumulation of points does not guarantee a right of redemption against the gifts.
  27. In the event of any dispute the decision of ABP PVT LTD shall be final and binding.
  28. The participation in this program is strictly voluntary and ABP PVT LTD shall not be responsible and / or liable for any loss and / or damages including physical and mental damages and / or sufferings that may occur to any person and / or participant due to the said program.
  29. Your participation in this program is a deemed acceptance of the terms and conditions as mentioned hereinabove.
  30. All disputes subject to the exclusive Jurisdiction of the Courts of Calcutta.